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Substitute Online™ has formed an exciting partnership with TeacherMatch®  —  an innovative educational software company committed to Advanced Education Talent Management . . . and developer of SmartFind™ K-12 Absence Management and Workforce Planning system.

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Why SmartFind™?

  • Built-in reports and how to configure them to your specifications
  • AnalyticsSF to measure, evaluate and improve your workforce planning
  • Best-in-class services and support, plus learning and community resources
  • SmartFind™ integration with HR, payroll, ERP and TeacherMatch®
Below is a Placeholder for the Aesop Frontline patent we are covered by.
Covered by one or more claims of at least one of Frontline Placement Technologies' patents including U.S. Patent Numbers 6,334,133 and 6,675,151 with other applications pending.