About Us

Substitute Online, Inc. is a privately held ASP (Application Service Provider) of substitute dispatching programs, primarily for school districts, across the U.S. Currently we service over 70,000 school employees and 15,000 substitutes nationally. We have placed over 2 million absences.

Our parent company was founded in 1981 by educators. The company is the oldest in developing PC computerized and Internet technologies ("pure web architecture") to facilitate absence reporting, substitute assignment, data reporting, and electronic payroll interface.

Our main offices are located near the heart of software development, Redmond, WA. We have marketing representatives that cover the entire US.

Five years ahead of competitors, Substitute Online™ is a standard technology that makes all IVR (phone calling systems) obsolete. Because there are no 800 numbers or dedicated phone lines, we can process thousands of absences at the same time. We are also compatible with smart cell phones so that substitutes can review and accept job offers from anywhere 24/7.

Because we own our own servers, monitored 24/7, we can offer the service at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We even offer a free pilot to any district that would like to try the system.

Our company mission is to provide cost effective and efficient substitute dispatching. We are also the only company to proactively interface with a screening program (www.ethicsdata.com) to identify and limit substitutes with past sexual misconduct.

Covered by one or more claims of at least one of Frontline Placement Technologies' patents including U.S. Patent Numbers 6,334,133 and 6,675,151 with other applications pending.
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