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Substitute Online uses "Pure Web Architecture" to immediately fill open
positions 24/7 with district approved substitutes, via the internet.

  • Substitutes view all open jobs in real time.
  • Teachers enter an absence in as few as 3 clicks.
  • Immediate notification to qualified substitutes.
  • Flexible payroll interface for detail accounting.
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Why Substitute Online?

  • Over 1.5 million placements to date. All for $1.00 or less per absence.
  • Substitutes personalize their availability calendars.
  • Only qualified and district approved substitutes see job openings.
  • We offer 24/7 real time staffing of qualified substitutes without a phone
    calling system (IRV).
  • One price includes set-up, training, support, and payroll interface.
Below is a Placeholder for the Aesop Frontline patent we are covered by.
Covered by one or more claims of at least one of Frontline Placement Technologies' patents including U.S. Patent Numbers 6,334,133 and 6,675,151 with other applications pending.
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